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Who are Hybridyne-RHS ?
Hybridyne-RHS Inc. is one of the independent companies of the Hybridyne Group of Companies

HRHS has the mandate of designing, building, marketing, and distributing Remote Hybrid Systems, using key technology from 'sister' companies in the group.

What are Remote Hybrid Systems ?

Remote Hybrid Systems are Renewable-Energy-powered systems which have the following in common :
  • are designed to be 'stand-alone' - separate from the main electrical grid

  • are hybrid powered - that is 'fueled' by a combination of wind and solar power

  • are designed to operate in remote locations where it is difficult or expensive to bring power from the grid 

At the moment, there are two 'series of Remote Hybrid Systems

  1. PortaDyne - a series of 'generators' -  transportable 'Mini Utility in a Box' electrical generating stations

  2. the PortaDyne-Lite, a self-powered light and security platform