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PortaDyne-Lite - The Value Proposition
Consider the following comparisons between a traditional, wired light standard and a PortaDyne-Lite
 over a conservative lifespan of 20 years.

Just as an iceberg is 90% underwater, equally, most of the cost of a light standard is 'out of sight' - underground.  Please consider the all the costs of supplying power to a traditional lamppost - NONE of those costs apply to a PortaDyne-Lite

You'll find that the Cost of Ownership of a PortaDyne-Lite
 is less than that of a conventional 'wired' lamp standard, and the environmental, esthetic, and Social values are much higher. 

To see how much less expensive a PortaDyne-Lite is compared to a 'wired' lamp you might install, please CLICK HERE .  We will gather the information we need to do a proper comparison between a PortaDyne-Lite and an ordinary lamp, and get back to you with actual dollar figures.***

Financial Factors

Comparable Quality

Standard Lighting



Initial PriceSomewhat lower 2Somewhat higher 1 
Installation Cost   3Somewhat HigherSomewhat Lower 
Wiring Cost    4could exceed the cost of the entire fixture 5$0MUCH less expensive 5
20 years of electrical invoiceselectricity can cost almost as much as the fixture  6$0 MUCH less expensive
repair/replace wiring ( once a decade ) double the cost of the original wiring$0MUCH less expensive
maintenance ( lamps, batteries, etc ) lamps, reflectorslamps, batteries 
20 years INCOME from Carbon Credits$0Actual INCOMEIncome instead of Expense
"Green" tax and other incentives$0will vary by jurisdictionIncome instead of Expense
CCA Benefit   7Standard tax deductions applyAggressive Renewable Tax incentives apply  Higher tax savings therefore much less expensive
NET RESULT COMPARISONHigh installation, and high cost of ownershipMuch lower installation, lower cost of ownershipTypically the PortaDyne-Lite
 costs only about 2/3 as much as a conventional "wired" installation

Other Factors

reduction in Greenhouse Gasses020 Tonnesprotects the environment
Corporate Social Responsibility valuenilpriceless publicity and public relationsshows you care
Reliabilitygoes out with the gridUninterruptableLighting and Security are always ON

1. See your local PortaDyne-Lite representative ( or CLICK HERE ) for actual pricing comparisons.

2. Estimated price of a comparably attractive "architectural" light fixture

3.Installation consists of boring a 4-foot deep hole and filling with concrete or attaching to an existing solid deck.

4.Wiring traditional lighs consists of attachment to supply, exiting structural walls, trenching, concrete cutting, cost of cable conductor, trench backfilling and re-paving and/or re-landscaping. In total this often exceeds $75 per foot.

5. Wiring cost shown is CONSERVATIVE. Considering the cost-per-foot of excavation, concrete cutting & repair, and underground cable plus the landscaping 'repairs' after the installation -  the total wiring cost could exceed the cost of a PortaDyne-Lite

6. Electrical costs based on today's electricity rates, not including : interest, annual inflation, expected increases or unexpected decreases in energy costs, or the "future" of the dollar ( cost of money ) over 20 years. Actual energy costs may be greater.

7. Based on an interpretation of the Canadian Federal Corporate Tax Act, sections 43.1 and 43.2


***  - documents above are in the form of an interactive .PDF - that is, you can complete it right on your computer and email back to us with one click. Alternatively, you can print it out, complete it, and fax/mail us the completed hard copy. You will need a current version of Adobe Reader which can be downloaded free from the link on the right.