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PortaDyne - The Value Proposition

Often, PortaDyne units are used in place of traditional Diesel- or gasoline-powered generators.  While the initial purchase price of a PortaDyne is higher,

the long term costs are much lower, and the benefits are much higher.


Consider the following comparison of a PortaDyne versus a diesel genset in a typical application. Click Here to view a more detailed comparison.

This particular example application is the provision of electrical power to a remote community for :
  • potable drinking water
  • water for hygiene and irrigation
  • lighting
  • power for cell phones, computers
  • power for a small medical clinic ( including a small refrigerator for medical supplies )
  • Because of the way generators respond to inductive loads like motors for the water pumps, gensets are typically 'oversized' to deal with the inrush when motors are turned on. PortaDyne units do not share that limitation.
  • the following comparison is between a PortaDyne sized for the application, and a Diesel genset also appropriately sized
  • the comparison is over the 20 year expected lifetime of a PortaDyne unit
    Diesel Genset


   PortaDyne Advantage
Lifetimewill need replacement after 5 years

at least 20 years

no extra purchases, shipping, installation
Cost of Fuelat today's prices, about 10 times the cost of a PortaDyne ( perhaps double again as fuel prices increase )zeroenormous savings
Shipping Fueldepending on location, shipping the fuel to the site can cost as much as the fuel itselfzeroadditional enormous savings
Theft of Fueldepending on location, 5% to 30% of the fuel will be lost to theftzerono fuel to steal, another saving
Oil Changesgensets require oil changes every 250 hours or so - over the lifetime, this could easily exceed the total cost of a PortaDynezerothis one item offsets the cost of the PortaDyne
Maintenanceregular maintenance is required at frequent intervals

maintenance is more seldom and less expensive

much lower maintenance costs
    Other Factors
noisecan be noisy unless expensive 'hush covers' addedvery quietwould you like to sleep near a diesel generator ?
air pollutioneven well-maintained diesels emit noxious pollutantszeroprotection of the environment


In this scenario, a PortaDyne unit delivers electricity for less than one-tenth the cost per kiloWatthour and is environmentally responsible.

The savings realized will depend on the type of load supported and the geographical location, but PortaDyne will always be a much more financially and environmentally responsible choice.