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PortaDyne General Capabilities

  • The PortaDyne  ( in its various models ) can provide electrical power for :
    • lighting for 20 homes ( 40 watts LED lighting each ) ( equivalent to 200-250 watts conventional incandescent lighting
    • purified drinking water for 20 families of 5 ( based on standard consumption guidelines )
    • daily rotated community-based micro-farm crop irrigation
    • a computer system or TV ( for school/community center )
    • a community center suitable for tele-learning
    • a local clinic, school, or community centre
    • micro-size refrigerated storage for serums, vaccines or other community perishables
    • VOIP telephone/internet service (where available)
    • a telecommunications repeater ( e.g. cell phone tower )
    • electricity and potable water during emergencies or disasters
    • datacentres
  • It should be pointed out that PortaDynes can be  custom-configured to meet the actual requirements of the application, and the above are only some examples of the uses for which PortaDyne can supply the electricity. Click HERE to tell us your requirements so we can design a PortaDyne specifically to meet your needs.