In these recent times that technology is surging in the construction industry, hiring scaffolding has become almost a mandate for every contractor. Especially if you are handling a large construction project, you cannot ignore the essence of scaffolding in delivering accurate and excellent construction work. You can read more about scaffolding technology in Australia by click here.

Things to Consider When Hiring Scaffolding

So, it is fair enough to say that scaffolding is essential equipment in the construction industry. And that makes it clear that if you hire the right one, there’s no limit to what you can achieve on-site.

But, did you notice the keyword – ‘right’? If not, scroll back and read again. I deliberately chose the word ‘right’ to share some insight with you. 

Now let’s face it. 

Of course, scaffolding can make your construction work easier and faster. But, it can be the reason why you will have to stop your construction work suddenly at any point in time. How could that be? Well, it is reasonable. Hiring a substandard scaffolding can cause severe harm and injuries for your construction workers while working on site. And, when that happens, the work stops automatically.

For instance, most of the accidents on site have connections to inadequate, substandard scaffolding. Many site workers had to fall from a great height because they are standing on a weak working platform. While some sustained very severe injuries, some died on the spot. 

Can you imagine how overwhelming that could feel? 

So, as a contractor, the safety of your construction workers should be your top priority. Are you wondering how you can achieve that? It is not difficult. You only need a guide from an expert to make an informed decision when you are hiring scaffolding equipment for your next construction project.

Here the top 5 essential things you need to know before hiring scaffolding equipment.

1. Find the right scaffolding company 

Hiring from a reputable scaffolding company is key to hiring the right fittings and installations. One of the crucial things you need to watch out for is a company that can give you value for your pay and provides the right equipment for your project.

A correct scaffolding company will show the relevant accreditations, provide significant protection in any mishap, and evidence of legitimate capabilities. Above all, I advise that you hire a scaffolding company that can show up anytime you need them.

Though this might be somewhat challenging considering a large number of various scaffolding companies out there. 

The scaffolding industry is becoming more prominent by the day. Each one of them is seeking ways to win customers over to their side. Hence, if you want to make the right choice, you must thoroughly research their pedigree and track records.  

2. The type of scaffold 

If there is anything you need to understand about scaffolding, it’s the fact that one size does not fit all. What does that mean? It means there is specific scaffolding equipment that suits each construction works depending on the needs. Hence, you need to hire a scaffolding that perfectly suits your construction needs. 

As a contractor, I expect you to know what type of scaffolding will work best for your project by experience. But if you are not too sure, you can talk to a seasoned scaffolding contractor to seek professional advice on which type of scaffolding you should hire.

3. Safety of workers

The safety of your construction workers should be top of your mind when you are hiring scaffolding equipment for your project. To ensure safety, make sure that you hire from a scaffolding company that is fully informed and qualified in terms of licenses, grants, and guidelines for using scaffolding in your locality.

Take your time to do the proper research about the company you are about to hire. Ask critical questions to ensure that the organization meets all the local and national safety rules and regulations.

4. Terrain 

It’s a good idea for you to consider the stability of the ground on which you are planning to stand the scaffolding. It determines the type of scaffold you will hire to carry out your construction works. For instance, if the ground is soft, it is best to hire a suspended scaffolding design. But, if the site ground is hard and stable, you can hire a ground-support unit. 

Note that not hiring the appropriate scaffolding that suits the terrain of the construction site will put the lives of your construction workers in danger.

5. Your project needs 

One of the most important things to consider before taking the plunge of hiring scaffolding equipment is first to determine the needs of your construction projects.  

For instance, if you are dealing with exceptionally tall structures, movable and suspended scaffoldings are your best and safest options. Meanwhile, a supported platform scaffold is ideal for a project that does not have a square or rectangular measurement. 

Other things you need to consider might include the required components of your project and the site’s condition. 

6. The height of the project 

There have been so many scaffolding mishaps on-site as a result of contractors’ errors. I have noticed many contractors who hired scaffolding equipment without considering the height of the structure from experience. When that happens, it results in delay and unproductivity.

To avoid that, manufacturers name scaffolding according to measurements to help you identify which equipment will fit your project needs. 

Before you hire, know the actual height your project would reach and choose the fitting scaffolding that can help you work comfortably without stress. 

7. Testimonials

It is vital to ask previous customers of the company to gather reviews about the past dealings of the scaffolding agency. Suppose you need more reviews from different past customers. In that case, you can visit the internet to get more testimonials about the company’s service.

Note that you might not find negative reviews on the official website of the company. I mean, no company=y would want to do that. Hence, an independent review website like can be your best option. 

8. Budget

It is essential to know the actual cost of the scaffolding equipment before you contact the agency for hire. Also, you should add the expenses of transporting the equipment to and from the site. If you want the best result, you should be ready to pay dearly. 

Things to Consider When Hiring Scaffolding

However, it is not advisable to pick the less expensive equipment in the name of cutting costs. If you do, you might be putting your workers’ lives in danger.

Final words 

Above all, safety should be the first thing you should consider when hiring scaffolding equipment for your next construction project. Though, every other factor has significant in achieving your construction goals successfully. Altogether, the above eight tips will help you make an informed decision.